freelance photographer

Custom backdrop:

I took some test shots with custom painted backdrop courtesy of my brother Jon ( I shot tethered with my D800 (85mm 1.8/f11 - 1/200s) into lightroom.

Main light - Einstein 640 w/s - Soft box feathered

Back light - Einstein 640 w/s - Shoot-through umbrella


Olivia Salas

Performing on a double bass

Double Bass player, Olivia Salas (@oliviakrsalas), playing some jazz.

Some additional images I got around to color grading on my galaxy s5. I find that the ability to do basic edit/grade literally anywhere with VSCO CAM on a mobile device is a) extremely convenient and b) SUPER ADDICTING.

Parental Guidance These are my parents. They don't stream movies, they don't understand wifi encrypted passwords, hashtags, or twitter feeds. My mom still has her Juno mail account. They don't use or understand what a Facebook is. I don't think that they have ever had an actual portrait taken off them.
Visited #thegetty and noticed some patrons merely snapping shots and quickly moving on. Ooh, Rembrandt, click, next (at The Getty Center, Los Angeles)

Harbor Daze